How to Create a Little Garden Tote from a Toolbox

       I'm a little unsure what to call this little tote but I 
know I definitely want it around holding some 
of my favorite gardening things.

How to Create a Little Garden Tote from a Toolbox

I recently ran across a cute metal tote filled with small terra cotta pots at a local shop. I thought it was adorable! 

Terra cotta pot gardening tote

I actually almost bought it when I remembered an old metal toolbox drawer I had at home. It was similar but a big mess. 

Repurposed old toolbox into a gardening supply tote

This one is a little chipped and dented, definitely not as cute as the one in the store, but I knew I could make it better. 

I started out spray painting the toolbox in my paint shelter

This shelter works amazingly when you're painting in the garage and don't want to get overspray on everything. 

It folds up and fits in a bag for storage. 

Using the HomeRight Spray Shelter to paint a toolbox

When the paint was dry I filled it with some of favorite garden tools and small terra cotta pots. I dropped a few of the pots into cute little measuring cups.

How to Create a Little Garden Tote from a Vintage Toolbox

Small terra cotta pots and measuring cups with succulents

One of my very favorite garden tools is the string holder I bought, left outdoors to rust and then painted it a pretty vintage green. I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Lily Pond. It is all about the patina now.

Vintage string holder for the garden with green paint

I love how these little ceramic measuring cups fit in and around the terra cotta pots. The graphics just make this little grouping work. 

Create a Little Garden Tote from a Toolbox

This toolbox made the cutest little garden tote, I don't even miss not buying the one in the shop.

Do you have any other ideas for this adorable tote? 

How about painting it red or green and using it for 
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Hot Chocolate Tote

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