Vintage Enamelware Chamber Pot Herb Garden

Vintage enamelware is beautiful and the perfect place to plant an herb garden.

Enamelware Chamber Pot Herb Garden

This is a vintage chamber pot that back in the day used to be kept under the bed for those "emergencies" at night when you couldn't just run out to the outhouse.

Skip forward a century and it is now a vintage chamber pot herb garden. 

I filled the pot half way with small stones for drainage then added soil and the herbs. 

Vintage Enamelware Chamber Pot Herb Garden

From what I've been told this little handle made it easy to empty. Not a job I'd want to do!

Vintage Enamelware Herb Garden

I stuck a stick through the handle in the lid to hold it as a backdrop to the herbs. 

Using a Vintage Enamelware pot as an Herb Garden

The enamelware lover in me thinks this 
little garden is just adorable! 

Using an Enamelware pot as an Herb Garden

Using a Repurposed Enamelware pot as an Herb Garden

American flag and Vintage Enamelware Chamber Pot Herb Garden

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  1. I love that! So neat but like you, I would not want to have to empty it! I do remember staying with my great granny many, many years ago and her having one under the bed she used at night. And with that thought....lets move on. You did a great job getting that fixed up.

    1. Hahahaha 😂 Thanks for that visual Pam! LOL

  2. I'd love to go junking with you sometime! I never find stuff like this cool.

    1. This was junking at an antique store... I got a good deal for sure!


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