The Best Products for Kitchen Cleaning Day

6:56:00 AM

Today I'm taking a break from DIY and finally getting 
around to doing some deep kitchen cleaning!

The Best Products for Kitchen Cleaning Day

I've needed to clean my kitchen for a while now. I don't mean cleaning... I mean deep cleaning. 

When I finished cleaning the kitchen I decided to share about the products I used because I'm was so happy with the way it came out. 

I started out the day with a trip to the store to get a new mop. I brought home the Libman Spin Mop to give it a try!

My hard wood floors needed a good scrubbing but having wood floors, I didn't want to use too much water. This mop worked great! After spinning the mop in the spin bucket it came out dry enough to clean the floors without leaving them too wet. Take a quick look at the spin action! 

I washed my hardwood floors with the Lipman Spin Mop then using the HomeRight Steam Cleaner... took it one step further and sanitized them! 

I can't say enough about this steam cleaner. I know what you're probably thinking... this woman is a neat freak! 

The Best Products for Cleaning Day

Actually not at all! Maybe even a little the opposite 🙃.

I don't drag this machine out very often but when I do, I always wonder why I don't do it more. 

You fill the tank with water, plug it in and get busy! It comes with all kinds of accessories for floors, grills, bathrooms; everything you will need to steam clean your home. 

The HomeRight Steam Machine for cleaning the kitchen

If you've ever wished you could power wash your kitchen, and who doesn't, now you can... with steam. That's just what it feels like when you're using it too... the dirt just blasts away!

The HomeRight Steam Machine for cleaning the kitchen sink

You know that yuck under the refrigerator? Blast it!

The HomeRight Steam Machine for cleaning under the refrigerator

Cabinet crevices? Blast it!

The HomeRight Steam Machine for cleaning kitchen cabinets

And the stove... grates and all! I got around the knobs without taking them off. Just power spray it and wipe!

The HomeRight Steam Machine for cleaning stove grates

The HomeRight Steam Machine for cleaning the stove

I cleaned the tracks to the sliding doors, the window ledges, the refrigerator shelves... and then started on the bathroom. 

Take a minute to look at the story I wrote about how well it cleans the bathroom too! It was amazing in my daughter's bathroom!

The HomeRight Steam Machine for cleaning the bathroom

Now that my kitchen is nice and clean I can get 
back to DIY projects!


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** HomeRight provided me with the Steam Machine but all opinions are my own and 
I couldn't love it more!

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