How to Make a Candle Holder from Lamp Parts

   Broken vintage lamp parts are as good as gold to a repurposer like me!

Repurposed candle holder

When I ran across this pile of junked pieces I was excited to see what it could become.

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Another project I made from this pile of parts was a black hammered pedestal planter.

Pile of lamp parts

Today I'm back to the HomeRight Paint Shelter for another go with the Rust-Oleum Matte Hammered Spray Paint.

I assembled a few pieces and attached them to a board temporarily for painting. 

I think at one time this piece held a glass globe of some kind.

Lamp parts attached to wood

Spray painting the lamp parts

When the paint was dry I removed the piece from the wood and attached it to an old door with a DIY mirror I have in my den. 

I dropped in a candle and this antique light fixture takes on a new life as a modern day candle holder.

Repurposed vintage lamp parts candle holder

This piece was super hard to photograph between the mirror and the window, I'm doing my best to give you a clear photo of the adjustable swing arm. 

The candle can be swung far away from the wreath and the door when lit then folded back when not in use. 

long arm Vintage lamp parts candle holder DIY

Folding arm candle holder

I hope this project makes you think twice when you run across old lamp parts... 

What could they be next?

Repurposed vintage light fixture with sepia tone

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