60th Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Today our family is honoring the 60th anniversary of our parents with a few easy gift ideas.

Mom and Dad holding frame with photos

Married 60 years ago today, these two love birds are still going strong!

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           Vintage wedding photo

Parents of 3, Grandparents of 6, and Great-Grandparents of 7 and counting!

Photos of all the grand children hung with clothespins on string "We love you"

Our parents have encouraged a beautiful life for their family by demonstrating patience, love, and commitment.

For their special anniversary we had each of the grandchildren and great grandchildren hold up a specific letter and send us a photo. 

You can write whatever you want to depending on the number of participants. 

We had the photos printed out in a black in white in a small size and attached the photos to lengths of jute.

The jute twine was stretched across a black background in a frame and the photos were attached with tiny clothespins. 

Garden trellis filled with photos from the couple on the bottom to grandchildren on the top

We couldn't be more proud of the two of them.

Another idea for their celebration was the one above, we collected photos from the family and displayed them on a garden trellis. 

At the bottom were photos of the celebrated couple. 

Moving on up the trellis, we placed family photos ranging from oldest to the youngest great grandchildren. 

Cake with 60 and lit candles

We celebrate long marriages in this family. 

The cake was decorated with small gold decorations and a glittered number 60.

You can read all about it in this story... Honoring Long Marriages. 

Collage of couple, cake and gift idea

Do you have a special anniversary or birthday to celebrate? 

Update 2023: We happily added 2 more great grandchildren to the bunch but sadly lost our loving dad last year to cancer. 


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