Antique Stenciled Christmas Tree Crate

       My theme this holiday season is 
all about the Christmas tree farm. 

Antique Stenciled Christmas Tree Crate.

My mantel, which you can see HERE is decorated in trees and neutral colors with a Christmas tree farm sign.

So when I saw the "Christmas Trees" stencil from Old Sign Stencils I just had to have it! 

I knew exactly where it was going! 

DIY Antique Stenciled Christmas Tree Crate.

I had this antique crate laying around that I once found on the side of the road. 

This treasure was in a pile of antiques that someone tossed from the back of an old garage. 

I was luckily on the receiving end of that toss!

I loved the old patina of this crate, the wood was old and dusty but it was beautiful. 

I painted a quick coat of Cathedral Taupe by Fusion Mineral Paint on one side of the crate so the rest of the wood remained original. 

DIY Stenciled Christmas Tree Crate.

The next step was to stencil. 

This is the Christmas Trees stencil, it's huge and will fit this crate perfectly! 

You can order the stencil HERE.

I find that a foam pouncer works best for me when I stencil. 

I use a small amount of paint and go over the area a couple of times with light coats. 

Antique DIY Stenciled Christmas Tree Crate.

I stenciled the trees with a dark green craft paint and the lettering with Fusion Mineral Paint in coal black. 

I added shading with the black to the bottom section of the trees to give them a little depth. 

Next I drilled holes in the sides of the crate and added a rope handle. 

DIY Stenciled Antique Crate.

On the bottom of the crate I attached castors so this big heavy crate is easy to move. 

DIY Stenciled Antique Crate on Castors.

Stenciled Antique Crate on Castors.

The last step when the stencil was completely dry was to give the stencil a quick sanding with the electric sander. 

Rustic Stenciled Antique Crate on Castors.

I wanted the stencil to look just as old as this antique crate. 

I can not tell you how much I adore this piece! 

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Rustic Stenciled Antique Crate on the front stoop.

I filled it with part of our old Christmas tree and put it out on the front porch next to my toboggan

Rustic Stenciled Antique Tree Crate,

It's so nice to finally drag it out of the basement and use it for a Christmas decoration this season! 

DIY Rustic Stenciled Antique Tree Crate,

Take a look over at the Old Sign Stencils website and see all the gorgeous stencils they have! 

In case you missed it take a look at the beautiful 
using Old Sign Stencils, it looks amazing! 

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  1. This is so beautiful, Susan. I love it!


  2. such a fabulous idea. Love the transformation

  3. Susan, this project is SO perfect. That sweet little crate can caster on down to my front porch any 'ol time it likes, cuz I want me one of those!


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