Large Antique Clothespin Angels

       This cute angel project was a cinch! 

Large Antique Clothespin Angels

After all I just finished making antique angel ornaments just like this for the tree.

When I found these giant clothespins at Michaels for 70% off it was a no-brainer! 

Large Vintage Clothespin Angels

I started out by painting the head with a skin color then added a little angel face.

Vintage Clothespin Angels

This was such a simple project it literally took less than 30 minutes. 

I cut out wings from a decorative paper book. I used a red knit design and a red plaid.

DIY Vintage Clothespin Angels

I used hot glue to attach the wings. 

DIY Vintage Plaid Clothespin Angels

A bottle cap is the angel's halo and a glittered star is added to the front. 

Vintage Plaid Clothespin Angels

Vintage Plaid Clothespin Christmas Angels

DIY Vintage Plaid Clothespin Christmas Angels

These are almost the exact replica of the angel ornaments I made for the Homeroad Etsy Shop

You can read all about these little angels HERE.

DIY Vintage Plaid Clothespin Christmas Angel Ornaments

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