Rose Gold Christmas Serving Tray

       I'm stepping out of my comfort zone today.

Rose Gold Christmas Serving Tray.

I'm usually a white, rustic, farmhouse kind of girl.

But today I'm trying something new! 

DIY Rose Gold Christmas Serving Tray.

While I still built this project in my workshop with rustic, reclaimed wood, I'm giving it a new more modern style with a new metallic paint. 

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I began by using a piece of reclaimed wood that had a very shiny side. 

DIY Rustic Rose Gold Christmas Serving Tray.

I painted on a coat of Ultra Grip to be sure my paint would stick properly to this tray. 

I added feet which are actually candle cups using wood glue and screws. 

When the Ultra Grip dried I gave my tray a couple coats of Rose Gold. 

Next I added just the trees from the "Christmas Tree" stencil by Old Sign Stencils. I love how you can use all or just part of these great stencils. 

You can browse their huge collection of quality stencils HERE

Rustic Rose Gold Christmas Serving Tray.

I used a pouncer to apply the paint and did a few light coats of Bronze metallic, also by Fusion Mineral Paint. 

When I was almost finished I decided as an after thought that my tray needed sides. 

DIY Christmas Rose Gold Serving Tray.

I cut thin trim wood and added it to the sides then painted the sides to match the tray. 

I added brushed handles to the tray that were perfect for this shimmering beauty!

I waxed the whole tray with a Rose Gold metallic shimmer wax by Fusion Mineral Paint for protection. It sure keeps that metallic shine going! 

Christmas Rose Gold Serving Tray.

I stepped out of my comfort zone on this project and I'm glad I did! 

The rose gold paint is gorgeous, the stencil is my favorite so far and this project was fun to make! 

If you missed it check out the rustic Christmas tree crate 
I created using this stencil. 

I already have 2 daughters itching to get their hands on this one!

DIY Rustic Christmas Rose Gold Serving Tray.

Rustic Christmas Rose Gold Serving Tray.

DIY Rose Gold Serving Tray with Christmas tree stencil.

Sometimes it's good to try new things!


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