Vintage Clothespin Angel Ornament

       This fun vintage angel is a cinch to make!

Vintage Clothespin Angel Ornament

A trip to the dollar store and I bought a pack of glittered snowflakes for ... you guessed it $1.

Clothespin Angel Ornament

I used a decorative Christmas hook to fashion a halo onto the top of a vintage clothespin I had in my collections. 

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Vintage Clothespin Angel Christmas Ornament

Using hot glue, I attached the clothespin to the snowflake and I had an adorable vintage angel ornament for pennies!

Vintage Clothespin Angel Craft Fair Christmas Ornament

These are adorable for craft fair projects or 
holiday kids crafts that don't look like the kids made them!

They sold out at our local craft fair!

Don't miss the glitter winged angels I made from 
pieces from my workshop!

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