Rustic Reclaimed Wood Christmas Trees

       These simple and gorgeous trees were easy to make! 

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Christmas Trees

I love repurposing old wood. 

I've used dresser drawers, old futons, and found wood to make new projects. 

Today I was eyeing a broken crate I had in the workshop for this project. 

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DIY Rustic Reclaimed Wood Christmas Trees

I used a small circular saw (which I use on everything) to cut from the corner of the board to the center of the top to create a triangle. One cut in each direction. 

DIY Rustic Christmas Trees.

What was left after I cut the center triangle were 2 half triangles that fell off of each side.  So I used them too! 

As you can see below, the darker tree has a seam down the center. 

Rustic Christmas Trees.

I used rulers and wooden sticks for the tree trunks, gluing the triangles to the sticks using wood glue then securing them with a nail gun

Rustic Plywood Christmas Trees.

I carved out a channel in a block of wood for the stand then wood glued the trunk into the base. 

I used antiquing gel to stain the bases, tree trunks, and a few of the trees. 

Rustic DIY Plywood Christmas Trees.

I added a wooden star to the top of each tree. The stars were  painted silver and glittered. 

Rustic  Plywood Christmas Trees.

These are headed for our local craft fair and I'm 
sure they won't last long. 

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