Table Riser & Decoupage Technique

Step up your dinner table with this easy DIY riser
to elevate food or decorations on your table and 
learn a new decoupage technique. 

Holiday Table Riser & Decoupage Technique

This project started out like some of my others, a project that didn't sell the first time and got a makeover. 

This time I'm experimenting with a new idea and I needed a project to try it out. 

I hijacked this step stool I built a while back, the top surface was perfect for what I'm going to show you next. 

DIY Holiday Table Riser & Decoupage Technique

I painted the stool with Fusion Mineral paint. The top is painted in Cranberry Fusion Mineral Paint

DIY Decoupage Technique

The bottom is painted with one of the new Metallics by Fusion Mineral Paint called Vintage Gold

And now comes the game changing tip I just learned...

Ultra Grip is a Mod Podge like product that I usually use to make Fusion Mineral Paint stick to shiny surfaces.


Today however, I'm trying something new with it. I painted 2 coats of Ultra Grip and let it dry between coats. 

You can also use Mod Podge for this technique. 

I cut a piece of decorative holiday paper the size of the top of my stool and laid it across the top. 

You can use tissue paper, fabric, paper, wrapping paper, decorative napkins or paper. 

The Ultra Grip is dry so you can slide your paper around until it fits perfectly on the surface. 

Next came the fun part! 

I used an iron... yes an iron... and ironed the decorative paper to the top of the stool. 

I put a piece of parchment paper in between to protect the decorative surface.

And... the best iron to use is this mini craft iron I found on Amazon, it is small and easy to handle and works great! 

DIY Decoupage Technique with Decorative Paper

Voila! It sticks instantly! 

There are no bubbles, no bent edges, no wrinkles, it is amazing! 

Decoupage Technique with Decorative Paper

Next I used a sanding block with a fine grit sandpaper and went around the edges to make sure the paper fit exactly and to trim off any paper that over-hung the stool. 

The last step is to apply a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint Tough Coat to the top for protection and easy clean-up!

Step Stool Decoupage Technique with Decorative Paper

You can call this piece a step stool, a holiday table riser or whatever you want but I call this decoupage process an amazing game changer! 

DIY Table Riser Decoupage Technique with Decorative Paper

I tried it and it works!
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