DIY Birch Bark Organizer for the Office

  Here is an easy way to make an organizer for the office. 

DIY Birch Bark Organizer for the Office.

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When I found these metal file folder organizers on a FB group I knew they'd be great in the office but needed a little style. 
Birch Bark Organizer for the Office.

The first thing I did was to add a little bling to these baskets by attaching an enamelware label to each one. 

You could also use these labels if you don't have enamelware labels.

These vinyl numbers are just peel and stick!

Enamelware tags on a Birch Bark Organizer for the Office.

Next I located a board that would be the right size to hang these baskets. 

I gave the board a quick coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk.

I set up a fan so the paint would dry quick, I'm a little impatient that way.

Painted background for a birch bark organizer.

Next I wanted to give the board a little design... the easy way so I decided on decoupage. 

The next part is the magic!

I painted the board with Ultra Grip by Fusion Mineral Paint then let it dry. 

I had a large roll of birch bark wrapping paper which I cut to the size of the board. 

This is a thick paper with a slight texture to it. 

Decoupage technique for a birch bark organizer.

I laid the wrapping paper on the board, (mind you the Ultra Grip was now dry so it is easy to reposition the paper) then ironed the wrapping paper in place using a sheet of parchment paper as a buffer. 

DIY Decoupage technique for a birch bark organizer.

The results are amazing! There are no wrinkles or bubbles in the paper! 

You can also use Mod Podge for this project! 

I used a piece of fine grit sand paper to run around the edges of the board and smooth the wrapping paper edges. 

A perfect application! 

Now I had the perfect base for hanging the metal files. 

Birch bark letter organizer.

Fill them with bills that are due, mail, file folders... and your labels can say anything you need!

DIY Birch bark letter organizer.

My next plan is to give our office room a much
needed make-over. 

One project just leads to another!

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