Repurposed DIY Hanging Magazine Rack

       Sometimes inspiration for a project comes 
from the clearance aisle!

Repurposed DIY Hanging Magazine Rack.

That was the case with this galvanized shelf I bought recently. 

Repurposed Hanging Magazine Rack.

I bought 2 of them for almost nothing and when they didn't work out in my bathroom, I decided to repurpose them instead. 

You can see how much fun I had repurposing the first one HERE.

And now for this one...

I began by taking the shelf apart and removing the wooden top. 

Repurposed DIY Magazine Rack.

I found a scrap piece of wood in my basement and attached it to the back of the galvanized piece. 

I used the same hardware that held on the original wooden top. 

PS I'm saving the wooden top for another project!

DIY Hanging Magazine Rack.

Then I painted the entire piece using Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk. 

 DIY Repurposed Hanging Magazine Rack.

It took 2 coats to cover the metal completely. 

 DIY Repurposed Hanging Farmhouse Magazine Rack.

I added D rings to the back of the wood to hang the magazine rack and I was finished!

Hanging Farmhouse Magazine Rack.

 DIY Hanging Farmhouse Magazine Rack.

This is perfect farmhouse style storage for magazines or books where ever you need a little organization! 

 DIY Repurposed Farmhouse Magazine Rack.

 Farmhouse Styled Magazine Rack.

Three great projects from 2 clearance aisle items and I still have the wooden top for another project! 

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