Refrigerator Organization Tips

       If you've ever thought about organizing your refrigerator using inexpensive bins... I say do it! 

Refrigerator Organization Tips.

I bought inexpensive, shallow, plastic bins to hold and organize the food in my refrigerator. 

You can find similar products by visiting the bold links in this post. 

My fridge is usually a mess and things in the back are hard to reach. 

Things get dumped, tipped over and just plain lost.

Refrigerator organization baskets.

I found out quickly that adding just a few plastic bins can make all the difference. 

These bins pull out easily and everything inside is easy to reach.

All those random small containers can be kept together and standing upright.

Refrigerator organization dollar store.

Add one or two in the crisper drawers to keep smaller items separated. 

Refrigerator organization containers.

Small bins cut down on shelf cleaning because they can be wiped out in a jiffy. 

All those partial bags of salad and cheeses are easily corralled into a pull out tray for easy access. 

Organize the refrigerator with organization containers.

I put the tiny amount of leftover milk into a small pitcher for coffee which saves on space. 

How to use refrigerator organization bins.

Small bowls and containers hold hard boiled eggs and those messy garlic cloves that get all over the place. 

Inexpensive refrigerator organization ideas.

The key to keeping our refrigerator organized  is making use of all kinds of organizers.


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