Buffalo Check Mail Box Organizer

       Organizing is my word for the New Year! 

Buffalo Check Mail Box Organizer. Homeroad.net

I'm beginning right here and now with the mail. 

The mail in my house is something that needs organizing. 

With 2 girls in college and 2 girls married with children, the mail is not always addressed to us. 

After 2 and 5 years of marriage their mail still comes here. Is it too much to ask to change your address? LOL

Well I needed a way to organize all this mail! 

Or at least a place to store all the mail that isn't addressed to me or my husband. 

And here it is...

Repurposed Buffalo Check Mail Box Organizer. Homeroad.net

I found this old decoupaged wooden bin at a garage sale recently. 

I scraped off the 70's decoupage with the orange shellac... you remember that don't you? On the black lunch box? 

DIY Repurposed Buffalo Check Mail Box Organizer. Homeroad.net

Anyway... When I scraped off the decoupage, I sanded what was left off the front of the box. 

Next I painted the piece with Raw Silk by Fusion Mineral Paint... it's one of my very favorite whites!

Then came the fun part. 

You may remember the buffalo check sled I stenciled during the holidays. 

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Mustard, which is a gorgeous color to stencil the design. 

DIY Buffalo Check Mail Box Organizer. Homeroad.net

Buffalo Check Mail Box DIY Organizer. Homeroad.net

When the stencil was dry I cut a stencil using my Silhouette machine and stencil vinyl

Stenciled Buffalo Check Mail Box Organizer. Homeroad.net

The design simply says mail, that'll work. 

DIY Stenciled Buffalo Check Mail Box Organizer. Homeroad.net

I stenciled the word then added an enamelware tag to the top with the house number. 

DIY Stenciled Mail Box Organizer. Homeroad.net

Now anyone looking for their mail when they stop by will know exactly where to find it! 

DIY Check Stenciled Mail Box Organizer. Homeroad.net

And look... there's the Spring 2019 edition of Country Sampler Farmhouse Style! 

It has my galvanized steel bin storage featured inside! 

Check Stenciled Mail Box Organizer. Homeroad.net

It was that easy to turn a 70's wooden box into a stylish mail organizer that's going to organize my mail and 
my life a little! 

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Old Sign Stencils provided me with the stencil, all opinions are my own. 

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