Easy DIY Eyeglass Storage Rack

    In honor of the new year I'm sharing one of my favorite storage projects with you. 

Easy DIY Eyeglass Storage. Homeroad.net

I wrote about this easy DIY project once before and today I'm here to tell you how much I still love and use this project in my own home! 

If you wear multiple pairs of eyeglasses you're going to love this idea!

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I began with this old cabinet, I couldn't sell it so I took it apart to repurpose the pieces. 

Repurposed Easy DIY Eyeglass Storage. Homeroad.net

The front door of this cabinet was just perfect for what I wanted to make. 

I removed the old glass and the hinges from the side of the door. 

DIY Repurposed Easy Eyeglass Storage. Homeroad.net

Next I added this metal ribbon across the front of the frame. 

(and yes... you could even use an old frame for this project!)

 Repurposed Easy Eyeglass Storage. Homeroad.net

I painted the entire piece using my favorite paint... 

Fusion Mineral Paint.... it comes in a variety of great colors and metallics and can be used with almost no prep work! 

I added a rope for hanging to the top of the frame and this easy project was ready to go! 

 Repurposed Eyeglass Storage. Homeroad.net

I wear many different glasses for distance and for reading and now here they are, all in one place. 

DIY  Repurposed Eyeglass Storage. Homeroad.net

This storage project has cut down on the constant search for my glasses! 

DIY  Easy Repurposed Eyeglass Storage. Homeroad.net

And if this storage wasn't easy enough I built a smaller version that I hang by my front door so I always know where a pair of sunglasses can be found on my way out the door!

Thanks so much for reaching back in time with me to revisit this very popular and hugely valuable project! 

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