Recycled Sweater Accessories for Winter

       Before you donate those old sweaters think again! They can be recycled into your new favorite 
winter accessories!

Recycled Sweater Accessories for Winter.

I don't know about you but I am all about the KonMari organization that is going viral right now. 

Mari Kondo's book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I've purged half the things in my closet! 

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So the DIY lesson here is to check the donation bag before you send it off... is there a sweater in there that might work for your next recycling project? 

This old sweater was perfect for the projects I had in mind. 

Recycled Sweater

I began by turning the sweater inside out and pinning off a square to be used as a pillow. 

Sweater and cat on the bed

I had a little help from Kitty who is going to be 22 years old in February! She is almost an antique! 

I cut out the square along the pins and sewed around 3 sides with my sewing machine

This is the simple sewing machine I use and love!

The next step was to right side the pillow and drop in a pillow form

I hand stitched around the last side to close up the pillow. 

The next thing I needed was a cozy little floret or three to decorate the pillow. 

Rosettes made from sweater

To make the florets I cut a long strip of fabric,

Cut strip of sweater

rolled it up into a flower shape then hand stitched the back to hold it together. 

White rosette

This cozy pillow was easy to make and gave my sweater another go around. 

White sweater with rosettes from the sweater

What about the rest of the sweater you ask? 

Well, I stretched the sleeve over a vase and made a cozy sweater for a candle. 

A candle cozy! 

You can use flameless candles for safety.

Candle with a sweater cozy

One last piece of the sweater got folded around and stitched with a floret to create a nice warm headband for the cold weather. 

Headband made from sweater

sweater candle cozy with Pinterest overlay

Look through your donation bag or your closet
and find a sweater that would look great as
new winter accessories!

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