Candlestick Bird's Nest Spring Decor

Here is an easy and inexpensive DIY nest decoration for Spring.
Candlestick Bird's Nest

This project begins with a few inexpensive items from the thrift store.

Most of these items can also be found at the dollar store! 

Bird's Nest Spring Decor Supplies

The candlestick and the less than gorgeous flower came from the thrift store. 

You can also find flowers at the craft store or the dollar store. 

The wooden base and the bird's nest can come from the craft store.

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The first thing I did was to glue the candlestick to the wooden base with hot glue

Then I coated the metal candlestick with Ultra Grip so the paint would stick to the metal.

Ultra Grip painted on Candlestick

When the Ultra Grip dried I painted the candlestick and base with 2 coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk. 

You can also visit Fusion Mineral Paint to find a dealer near you.

White paint on candlestick

I like using Fusion Mineral Paint on projects and painted furniture because it goes on smooth, is self-sealing, and looks beautiful on everything. 

The next step is to open up the flower and hot glue the nest to the inside of the flower. 

Thrift store flower

I used the tip of an iron to smooth out the petals and leaves then hot glued the flower and nest into the top of the candlestick. 

You could also use a small heat press for small projects like this.

Bird's Nest with eggs

Old flowers are easy to find in the thrift stores and the condition of them doesn't really matter because only the outer petals will show. 

Painted Candlestick Bird's Nest

Candlesticks come in all shapes and sizes so you can create many different versions in many different sizes and heights. 

Candlestick Bird's Nest Decor with rustic wooden column

Easter Candlestick Bird's Nest Decor

Easter Candlestick Bird's Nest DIY Decor

Birds nest made on a flower

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Candle stick birds nest with overlay


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