How to Update a Damaged Wooden Bowl

6:38:00 AM

       Before this update this wooden bowl had 
seen better days. 

How to Update an Old Wooden Bowl

It was not pretty! This antique bowl had stains, paint on it, chips, and a big crack. 

How to Update an Old Antique Wooden Bowl

At one time it was a beautiful bread bowl but as time went on it was ready to be donated.

I don't feel badly about "fixing up" antiques because usually I rescue them and find a way to give them new life for years to come. 

I had nothing to lose trying to give this bowl an update. 

I began by sanding the bowl to get out as many stains as possible. 

Next I stained it with a stain that contained polyurethane.

Here it is after 2 coats of stain.

I made sure to leave brush strokes in the stain so cracks and imperfections would look right at home. 

How to Stencil an Old Antique Wooden Bowl

When the stain was dry I tried out the new Chalk Couture stencils I purchased recently. 

How to Silk Screen Stencil an Old Antique Wooden Bowl

I just bought a Chalk Couture stencil with a big wreath design.

I'm still thinking about where to use it, but it came with several little branches around the wreath that you could use separately. 

How to Silk Screen an Old Antique Wooden Bowl

It's easy to use these stencils which are very much like silk screening. 

How to Upcycle an Old Antique Wooden Bowl

The black paint is actually a chalk paste so once the design was finished it will need to be sealed so it becomes permanent. 

How to Upcycle an Old Wooden Bowl

The design went on quickly and perfect the first time. 

How to Upcycle an Antique Wooden Bowl

I sprayed the bowl with a matte spray sealer when I was finished. 

This was a quick project that let me try my new Chalk Couture designs and saved this antique bowl from the thrift store. 

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  1. The bowl turned out amazing Susan! Chalk Couture works wonder on so many things. Pinned!

  2. I love the worn look of this bowl, and even moreso with the stain and pretty added stencils. xo Kathleen

  3. You did a lovely job on the bowl! Love the stenciling!

  4. Apparently at Chalk Couture they do not carry "stencils" but call them transfers???

  5. Yes I’ve heard them called both. They are more like silk screen than either but similar to a stencil and a transfer.

  6. What a great makeover 'save'. It looks just beautiful, Susan! Thanks for sharing on Homestyle Gathering! We love having you join us!

  7. You really brought it back to life, Susan! Beautiful work. The branch is just the right amount of decoration.


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