How to Make an Umbrella Wreath for Spring

       I was inspired for this project by a photo in a catalog

and couldn't wait to see if I could make it myself.
umbrella wreath on front door

The umbrella wreath for the front door was adorable in the catalog but expensive so I set out to create my own for FREE. 

The first thing I needed was an old umbrella but I didn't have one and on second thought it might be way too big anyway. 

So I used the pieces above and a piece of buffalo check fabric from an old curtain to create an umbrella for myself. 

I attached the table leg to a decorative curtain rod accent then painted it black. 

spindle with metal flourish

I cut the fabric into a triangular shape then painted it with Mod Podge and a little water. 

mod podged fabric

As with most of my projects I set them in front of the fan to dry quickly. 

When the fabric was dry it was stiff, I rolled it and cut the wide end in a scallop shape making sure it was the right size for the stick. 

scalloped edge on a DIY umbrella.

Next, I wrapped the small end of the fabric around the end of the umbrella pole (table leg) and hot glued it closed. 

wrap fabric around umbrella stick

Then I ran a bead of hot glue all the way down the edge of the fabric to the scalloped end and closed the seam. 

I left a ragged seam because it is the back of the umbrella and since it is stiff with Mod Podge it will not fray. 

I sat the umbrella in front of the fan once again to be sure the fabric was completely dry and stiffened. 

umbrella drying in workshop

As you can see from my workshop photos, I'm not very neat when I work. 

When the fabric was dry I had myself a genuine DIY umbrella!

And it was the perfect size for a front door wreath. 

You can see how the fabric is stiff and stays open. 

Spring Umbrella Wreath.

The only thing left to do now was to tie a piece of thick jute to each end of the umbrella and fill the umbrella with flowers!

umbrella wreath filled with flowers

umbrella wreath with flowers

It is the perfect accent for my front door for the Spring replacing my winter basket

Umbrella Wreath on door.

Spring Umbrella Wreath on door.

And did I mention this umbrella wreath was FREE?

umbrella wreath pin

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