Repurposed Chalkboard Memo Stand

      I'm using what I have in the junk pile today to create a 
chalkboard memo stand.
Repurposed Chalkboard Memo Stand
This tree slice cutting board was in the donation pile but I pulled it out to use it for a new project.
The first thing I did was to find a dowel that was the right size to fit into the stand. 

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Repurposed Chalkboard DIY Memo Stand
The one I found was the wrung of an old chair. 
The stand I'm using was the candle holder leftover from this project.
I glued the stand to the base with E6000 glue.
Repurposed Chalkboard DIY Memo Board Stand
I attached the cutting board to the dowel using a few random pieces from my junk supply. 
Here's the back:
Unique attachment of a memo board stand.
I attached a small piece of Scrabble tray with hot glue to the front to hold chalk. 
Scrabble tile stand to hold chalk
I painted the entire piece with black chalkboard paint then added a hook to the top of the board to hold notes or photos. 
Chalkboard memo holder with a clip for photos
This unique piece can sit on your desk or on the kitchen counter to hold notes and write little reminders with chalk. 
Repurposed Cutting board memo holder with a clip for photos
Repurposed Cutting board memo holder with a holder for chalk

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    1. Thanks Kim, just a quick and easy project to get rid of the scraps!

  2. Susan this is brilliant repurposing and oh so practical!


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