How to Make an Arched Window Flower Box

       This project began with an arched window mirror that broke

Arched window planter

Straight from the store to home, it fell and the mirror inside smashed! 

So there was nothing left to do with the window but repurpose it... and so I did. 

I began by cutting an old slatted crate in half. 

(You know that other half will be showing up again soon!)

How to Make an Arched Window Flower Box using weights.

I nailed and glued the crate onto the bottom of the window.

As luck would have it, it was the perfect size to fit around the frame. 

I held the crate in place while the glue dried with antique irons as weights. 

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How to Make an Arched Window Flower Box using antique weights.

I painted the crate and the window with a coat of casement white by Fusion Mineral Paint. It sticks to everything. 

Make an Arched Window Flower Box .

The only thing left to do when the paint dried was to find the perfect bunch of flowers to wire to the window inside of the crate. 

I added a big buffalo check bow to hide the wires and the arched window has a whole new life for Spring!

Make a DIY Arched Window Flower Box for the Front Door .

Who needed another mirror anyway? 

It looks much better by the front door!

Arched window with lavendar

Make an Arched Window Lavender Flower Box for the Front Door .

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