IKEA Hack Enamelware Pedestal Planter

       I just discovered these beautiful enamelware planters at IKEA and you know what that means!  
IKEA enamelware plant pots
A new repurposed project is on the way! 
These planters are a warm white with a black rim and made of metal that resembles vintage enamelware. 

They have them in 2 sizes and they're called CITRONSYRA. 
I grabbed one small (4") and one large (6") and headed home excited to make something fun! 
First I drilled a hole in the bottom of each pot. 
I used painter's tape to mark off the center then drilled through the tape so the enamel wouldn't chip. 
Drilling holes in IKEA enamelware plant pots
I gathered a few more supplies for this project, a lamp base, and an old wooden white candlestick. 
Parts needed to create a repurposed tiered tray
I cut the candlestick to the size I needed then drilled a hole in the top and bottom.

I used E6000 glue to help attach the lamp base to the bottom of the large pot then ran a screw through the lamp base, through the pot, and into the candlestick. 
Building a tiered tray from repurposed parts and IKEA pots
I used more E6000 glue and another screw to attach the smaller pot to the top of the candlestick then let it dry. 
Building a tiered tray from repurposed parts and IKEA enamelware pots
I wanted to decorate the pots so I am using the Chalk Couture stencil kit I purchased recently. 
If you missed it, I used this stencil on an Upcycled Wooden Bowl.
The stencils are so easy to use, they work like silk screen. 
Stenciling on enamelware with Chalk Couture
The black paint is actually chalking paste, when the stenciling is finished it gets sprayed with a clear sealer to make it permanent. 
Creating an enamelware tiered tray using pots from IKEA

I added the Chalk Couture to the top and bottom pots, it gave it a beautiful vintage look. 
Repurposed Enamelware tiered pots from IKEA
I filled the top of the planter with faux greens but it could just as easily hold real plants.
How to make a Repurposed Enamelware tiered pots
This enamelware pedestal dish would also work well for kitchen items in a farmhouse kitchen. 
Repurposed Enamelware tiered pots from IKEA

Repurposed kitchen tool caddie from Ikea pots
I'm super glad I picked up these adorable IKEA enamelware pots, they were right up my alley and became a beautiful repurposed project! 

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