DIY Irish Plaid Vintage Crate

       Here is how I gave a vintage crate a little Irish!

green plaid crate with handle

First I began with a vintage Breakstone's cream cheese box I had laying around. 

Not a bad thing since this crate was found in a dumpster, was damaged and I had to glue it back together. 

I wanted to decoupage this pretty green plaid fabric onto one side of the crate.

I used Fusion Ultra Grip and painted on 2 coats to the side of the crate. 

A little bit of this product goes a long way!

I let each layer dry in between coats. 

crate, plaid fabric and ultra grip

When the Ultra Grip coats were dry I cut a piece of fabric the size I needed. 

Then using an iron with a piece of parchment paper over the fabric, I ironed the fabric to the box. 

steps for using ultra grip on the crate

If you haven't tried this decoupage technique, you should! 

The fabric, paper, tissue paper, or card stock sticks like crazy with no wrinkles or bubbles. 

You can see how I used it on this organizer project too.


Once the fabric was attached I drilled 2 holes in each end of the crate and strung a thick jute twine through the holes for the handles. 

plaid crate with handle

The next step was to add feet to my crate. 

I used candle cups and attached them to the bottom of the crate with hot glue. 

Candle cups make great feet for all kinds of projects. 

plaid crate and candle cups

I use them all the time and you can purchase them from my Amazon link, they have a great price

Candle cup feet on bottom of crate

After the legs and handles were added I wanted to match the feet to the color of the crate. 

I used a product called Fusion Antiquing Tough Coat

I will be honest, they don't make it anymore but you can also use any kind of stain with a poly coat like this one

If anyone has a stash of this product in their shop, I'm interested!

Antiquing tough coat on bottom of crate

I painted the stain all the way around the crate except for the fabric side. 

Green Plaid Decoupaged Vintage Crate

You could also paint the fabric side and if you are wondering what that might look like... 

Here it is with the fabric painted with the Antiquing Tough Coat. 

Upcycled old cream cheese crate

The fabric is darker and almost looks like the plaid is painted onto the box. 

Mantel with clock, ladder, crate and greenery

Now in case you're wondering where I got the pretty plaid fabric... it used to be my husband's pajama pants! 

When they sprung a hole in the butt I couldn't throw them out because I knew the green plaid would be perfect for my March projects! 

And take a look at how pretty the rag wreath turned out with the rest of the pants! 

Plaid crate, creamer and greenery

Waste not, want not! 

green crate white pottery and greenery

This pretty box has the perfect St. Patrick's Day look and and is perfect on my March mantel. 

St. Patrick's Day mantel with ladder, clock and green plaid crate

When March is over you can easily flip the box around to the other side and use it again! 

Back of crate with pitcher and greenery

Both sides are beautiful! 

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crate, fabric and ultra grip with overlay

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