Do it Yourself New Kitten Projects

My day began as any other day but today is the first day of my summer break, what a perfect time to add to the family! 
As some of you know, we just lost our "Kitty." We had her for 23 years (yes, 23!) and it was starting to get a little lonely around here despite the fact that we have a 10 month old lab puppy. If you are a cat lover you will know what I mean. My 5th grandchild is due in August and we have a new puppy, but I needed a new cat. Call me crazy! 
Do it Yourself New Kitten Projects
My daughter and I set out to visit a few home foster places for cats but finally ended up at the Little Shelter near our home. They had room after room of large cats and a small room for kittens. If you have it in your heart to adopt an adult cat, there are literally hundreds of them in the shelter. It's very sad but I suppose they've made a family out of their situation. They seemed happy enough.
Do it Yourself Kitten Projects
When we entered the kitten room we we weren't sure where to look first, there were little bouncing fur balls in every direction. A few caught our eye but we soon found out that if we wanted a kitten we would have to adopt two of them. 😳

Ok, one was doable but two?? I wasn't sure I had it in me. 
I went home to think about it for a day or two but ended up back with my husband the next morning. I couldn't stop thinking about 2 of the kittens I saw, they were part Russian Blue and they were gorgeous! You just couldn't take one, they were a matched set. 
Twin Russian Blue kittens and a DIY project you can make
A little while later we were filling out the paperwork for two. If you have never adopted a pet from a shelter... you know, it's a process! I am sure they want to make sure the pets are all going to a good home but truthfully it might be easier to adopt a small child. 
Visiting Kittens at the shelter
After calling all my references, a background check, a call to our vet, and a 3 page questionnaire, we went home to wait. The shelter checks everything about you including wanting to see your home. I know, I know, it's a good thing! 

As we wait... we are getting things ready at home. You know that this DIYer was searching the web trying to find out what these kittens might need. Before they were even approved I had the food, litter, bowl, litter box and assorted toys ready and waiting. 
Dollar store kitten accessories
In hopes of saving my furniture I made them a scratching post. This was an easy project using wood glue, a nail gun, scrap wood, and thick jute. When the kittens get here I will rub catnip on the post to attract them. 
DIY Scratching post for kittens
I added a bell and ribbon to the top as an added attraction. The base of the scratching post is painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Brook
DIY Scratching post with a bell for kittens
For the first few days the kittens will get acclimated in a small room. The kittens will hopefully quickly get used to the family. The puppy? Finn is loving life on the other side of the house and in the yard for now until they all learn to live together! 🤞🏻
Keeping the new puppy and kitten separated
Three days later... meet the kittens! Right off the bat the scratching post was their favorite toy! The photo is a little blurry because they are moving so quickly! 
New kittens using the DIY scratching post
I put a couple of baskets in a rolling cart and it ended up to be a great place to hang! They feel safe and comfortable in this small space and the top shelf is perfect for looking out the window. 
Baskets in a rolling cart for kitten beds

One of the best parts about these cuties is that they match my house! 
Grey kittens that match my neutral farmhouse home

Grey kittens and DIY cat projects that match my neutral farmhouse home

So as summer break starts for me, when I'm not making new DIY projects, I'll be having fun with Mini and Max! Check out the video below!

Russian Blue kittens

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