Stenciled Flower Seed Bag Planter

This fun project began with a thoughtful gift from a student. 

Stenciled Seed Bag Planter
For those of you that don't already know, my real superpower is preschool teacher. When I'm not doing DIY projects that is. Luckily, I teach part time so I have tons of time to work on projects. School just ended for the year and one of my students gave me a nasturtium seed pack.

DIY Stenciled Seed Bag planter

The kit came in a white cotton, canvas bag lined with plastic. The instructions said to plant the Nasturtium seeds into the bag, sounded easy but I had other plans for this plain white bag. I actually got the idea for decorating the bag from the label on the kit, it shows a painted bag with lettering... but it wasn't so I thought I'd give it a try! 

contents of the nasturtium grow kit

I emptied the contents and began painting the outside of the bag with a light brown "burlap" color. I wanted this bag to look distressed so I gave it one quick coat. 

painting the canvas planter bag

Burlap colored canvas planter.

I let the paint dry then dropped a quart can of paint inside the bag to stabilize it for the next step.

Using a quart of paint to stabilize the bag for painting.

I laid the bag on its side then using the SEED stencil from Old Sign Stencils, I stenciled the word SEED onto the side of the bag. 

Old Sign Stencil SEED stencil project

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I used a charcoal black by Rust-oleum paint to lightly stencil inside the letters. The trick of stenciling is to use only a very small amount of paint on an almost dry brush. I also used the 10 lb. part of the stencil to add to the top of the bag. I love that you can use bits and pieces of these great stencils on projects. You can find Old Sign Stencils by visiting the black link above. 

DIY Stenciled SEED bag for flowers planting

By now you've probably noticed the grommet holes in the top of the seed bag... well I'm definitely going to make use of those! A piece of chain I saved from a light I repurposed at one time, was going to work perfectly for this project. 

The chain had a couple of links that opened and were perfect for fitting inside the grommets. 

Canvas Flower planter with chain for hanging.

I couldn't wait to finish the planting part of this project now! The instructions said to pour the soil into the "white bag", add the nasturtium seeds, then water it well. Little did they know I was going to make that "white bag" look sooo much better! 

Canvas Stenciled Flower planter with chain for hanging.

I can not wait for these seeds to grow!

DIY Canvas Stenciled Flower planter with chain for hanging.

I'm hoping they look at least as good as the flowers I added to this photo! I will update this post as soon as they grow. 

DIY Canvas Stenciled Flower SEED planter with chain for hanging.

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