How to Make an American Flag Bench

While out on a walk one morning I was thrilled to find this little beauty right on the top of someone's trash pile.

chippy found green bench

This was a super sturdy little bench but the top had certainly seen better days. 

I brought it home with me and my goal was to make it better than I found it, which wasn't hard to do.

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Right away I got busy sanding the chippy top. 

It was quite damaged and pitted but it was a cute bench so totally worth the trouble. 

I painted all but the top of the bench with Raw Silk by Fusion Mineral Paint. 

Chippy bench with painted sides and bare center

The bench looked better already! 

When I was completely finished with another coat of white paint, I was ready to work on the top. 

I began by taping-off stripes for a flag using painter's tape.

Taping off an American flag with painter's tape

I may not be going where you think with this project. 

I'm not using any red or blue on this flag. 

After taping the areas I wasn't painting, I painted the spaces between the tape with a charcoal grey chalky paint. 

Black painted American Flag bench

I pulled off the tape leaving the lighter stripes natural. 

For the field of stars I'm using one of my favorite American Flag Stencils

It comes with several different size star stencils. 

Today I'm stenciling with the stars using the Raw Silk white. 

Adding stars to an American flag

I waited for the stars to dry...

Black and white American flag bench

then used a sealer with a stain in it to darken the flag and protect the wood. 

Sealed and stained American Flag bench

My next step was to coat the top with a few coats of Triple Thick, this product is amazing for so many projects

This sealer is very thick and will leave a glass-like finish on the pitted wood. 

Triple Thick sealer for a shiny look

The top of this bench is old and chippy but I made it fantastic. 

The base of the stool is solid as a rock and will be around a long time! 

Black and white American flag bench DIY

Sometimes I just want to fix something up and put it back where I found it just to see what the homeowner thinks when they see it. 😆

How to turn a chippy bench into an American flag side table

This bench can be used as a great side table and if you want to see how to make these cute fireworks visit the bold link.

American flag side table tutorial

Or outdoors under a covered area as a coffee table...

Make an outdoor coffee table with an American flag motif

Sometimes when you look beyond what it is to what it could be you can turn trash into a great treasure. 

Trash to treasure American flag bench

Rustic American flag bench transformation

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