Cleaning and Maintaining a Teak Bench

This project started over the weekend when we wanted to get things done around the house. 

Cleaning and Maintaining a Teak Bench
Our goal for the weekend was to pressure wash everything that wasn't tied down! The vinyl siding, bricks, front stoop, garage door, everything! 

The teak wood bench at the front of the house was dirty and moldy so while we had the pressure washer out, we used it on the bench. 
The bench has been sitting on the front stoop for years and like everything else on the front of the house, it was getting a little green. Power or pressure washing is easy to do, choose a warm day, and spray away. Pressure washers can be rented from your local big box store in most areas or you can buy an inexpensive one to have available when you need it. We chose to buy one. 
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Cleaning and protecting a Teak Bench
A quick once over with the pressure washer, being careful not to have the pressure too high and damage the wood, and it was looking great! If you use too much pressure or get too close with a direct spray, you can damage the surface of what you're trying to clean. It will remove paint! 
I sat the bench out in the sun to dry for a couple of hours then coated it with hemp oil to preserve the wood and give it a little protection. Some people choose to use nothing on teak wood but I've had success with hemp oil in the past so it is what I chose to protect the wood. 

Cleaning and protecting a Teak Bench for the Season
In no time the bench was back on the porch and looking better than ever! 
Using Hemp oil to protect a teak bench
This was a quick and easy weekend project that helped give the bench a longer life. The American Flag wooden crate project can be seen by clicking on the bold link. 

Cleaning and protecting an old bench
The flowers in the iron urns are our favorites and bloom all year long and the iron urns were a gift from my class many years ago. Please visit these projects by clicking on the bold links. 

How to Clean and Protect an old bench
Now it's back to more work around the house, 
the projects never end! 

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