How to Make a Planter from an Old Stump

This little garden planter couldn't have been easier to create and most of it was done by Mother Nature herself! 
How to Make a Planter from an Old Stump

It all began with an old rotting stump we had on the property. It was too big to move and just sat there year after year. A few times I tried decorating it with a metal house number plaque but after a while even that didn't look good. 
I thought about painting it like the nautical buoy stump I did a while back. You can visit that story by clicking on the highlighted text. 
But then I had another idea, how about if I use it as a planter? It was in a great spot already and goodness knows I can't move it anyway. I grabbed a pointed trowel and started digging in the center of the stump. 
The stump was very rotted so it was easy to dig it out. When the hole was large enough, I added a small amount of potting soil then planted a Gerbera daisy in the hole. The photo above was from the first day I planted the daisy. 
How to Make a Rustic Planter from an Old Stump
If the stump you have is not as soft as mine you can drill a hole in the center of the stump with a 1" drill bit. Then using a chisel and a hammer, knock out the center of the stump. It does help to have a stump that has begun to deteriorate. 

Here it is about a month later. The Hosta have filled in and the daisy has bloomed over and over since the first day. I think it really likes it's new home. 
How to Make a Beautiful Planter from an Old Stump
I wish I had thought of this earlier, this stump has been here for years and years and just now looks like it belongs here. 
Make a Garden Planter from an Old Stump
Now go outside and look for an old stump on your property and make it beautiful in minutes! 
Make a DIY Garden Planter from an Old Stump
Make a Beautiful DIY Garden Planter from an Old Stump
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