How to Make a Succulent Planter Frame

I've seen these vertical succulent planters all over Pinterest and even though I do not have a green thumb, I was anxious to make one. 
How to Make a Succulent Planter Frame

When my plant loving daughter decided to make one to donate to a local auction, we teamed up our skills and got to work. 

Her part was to send away to her plant friends for a box of tiny succulents that were ready for propagation. 
How to Make a DIY Succulent Planter Frame

You can read about propagating your own succulents in this post

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My part was to build the frame. I began with a vintage frame that was once used to hold photos so it already had a piece of hardware cloth in the frame. We painted the frame and the wire using Fusion Mineral Paint in Sacred Sage. You can find a Fusion Mineral Paint dealer near you by visiting this link. 
painting a frame with Fusion Mineral Paint

While the frame was drying I created a box using 1"x 2" oak trim. I attached metal gutter mesh to the back of the box. The wire backing will let the plants breath as they root keeping the roots from getting too wet and rotting. 
Building a box for succulents

The frame will fit right on top of the box like this...
Painted succulent planter frame

The next step was to fill the frame with damp sphagnum moss. It came in a large bag, we soaked the moss, squeezed it out then added it to the frame. 
DIY How to Make a ertical Succulent Planter Frame

Now it was time to attach the frame to the wooden box. I used wood glue and the nail gun. I nailed straight through the top of the painted frame into the box then filled and repainted the holes. 
How to build a frame for succulent plantings

Now it was time for my daughter to get to work. Using a chop stick, she made holes through the screen and inserted the succulents into the damp moss. 
How to build a  DIY frame for succulent plantings

She started with the larger pieces and worked her way down to the smallest succulents. 
How to build a  DIY frame for succulents

How to build a frame for succulents

The frame and with the succulents will now sit flat under my daughter's grow lights for a few weeks while the succulents take root into the sphagnum moss. Once they have taken root, the frame can be hung vertically. 
How to build an easy frame for succulents

This succulent planter frame is sure to be the hit of the auction and it was so much fun to collaborate with my talented daughter Kasey on this project! 

Beautiful Vintage Vertical Succulent Planter

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