Repurposed Farmhouse Style Chair Shelf

A while back I made a key organizer from an old chair my daughter was throwing away. 
Repurposed Farmhouse Style Chair Shelf

Many people asked me what I did with the rest of the chair. 

If you know me, which I guess is why so many asked, I saved those repurposed chair parts for another project. 

Today is that project, it's made from one of the pieces of the chair I cut off after making the key organizer

This is how you repurpose a chair...

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I began by leveling the cut on the leftover chair piece so I had a nice straight line. 

Using a straight edge to draw a straight line.

I had a rustic plank of wood leftover from a repurposed magazine rack I made at one time and it was perfect for the top of this repurposed chair. 

Rustic plank of wood for a shelf

Making a shelf...

I attached the shelf to the top of the chair with a little wood glue and 2 screws. 

DIY Repurposed Chair Shelf

The chair had 2 holes in the bottom of the cross piece that I filled by hammering in roofing nail and then painting over the top of the nail. 

Not perfect but worked. 

I painted the old chair with Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk. Visit the dark link for a Fusion Mineral Paint dealer near you. 

Making hooks to hang things...

When the paint dried, I added a hook and 2 vintage nails to the cross piece on the chair. 

Adding hooks to the chair shelf.

I attached D rings on the back of the chair/shelf for hanging.


Adding a D ring for hanging a shelf

The only thing left to do was to hang the shelf on the wall in my bedroom. 

Farmhouse style repurposed chair shelf

This project is another keeper, it is the perfect place to hold photos, a wreath and a decorative alarm clock. 

DIY Farmhouse style repurposed chair shelf with wreath

So now you know what I did with the rest of the chair parts! 

DIY Farmhouse style repurposed chair

Farmhouse style repurposed chair

bedroom with iron bed and repurposed chair shelf

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