Reclaimed Wood White Pallet Pumpkin

My favorite kind of pumpkin is a white one. I love neutral colored and white pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. 

Mantel for fall with ladder, blocks and pumpkins

Today I'm turning reclaimed pallet wood into a stenciled white pumpkin. 

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reclaimed wood pallet

I attached the reclaimed wood... 

you can read all about it by visiting this Pallet Pumpkin Patch Sign tutorial.

After I built the pallet, I sketched a pumpkin then cut it out using a jigsaw. 

I attached it to a stand and added Spanish moss at the bottom. 

pallet pumpkin made from reclaimed wood

I painted the pallet white using craft paint. 

White painted pallet pumpkin

If you're impatient like me, you're going to like my tip for drying paint quickly... 

just stick it in front of a fan for a little while. 😉

White pallet pumpkin drying by the fan

When the paint dried I was ready to stencil. 

The wreath stencil I had planned on using was too wide for this pallet so I cut it down the center and taped it back together. 

I'm using a great cardboard holiday stencil set I bought from Amazon. 

Wreath stencil on white pumpkin

The wreath modification made it more oval shaped and fit perfectly on the pumpkin shape! 

Wreath stenciled on reclaimed wooden pumpkin

I cut out "Give Thanks" from the center of the stencil then re-stenciled it into the center of the wreath. 

give thanks stencil

I added a cork, a fall leaf, moss, and a wire tendril to create a decorative stem then hot glued it to the wooden stem on the pumpkin. 

Cork, moss, tendril and fall leaf

This white pallet pumpkin is gonna be beautiful in my home this Fall. 

White pumpkin pallet with stenciled wreath and orange pumpkin

Pallets are easy to make and can be cut into any shape for any season. 

A pumpkin shape is an easy shape to start. 

Give thanks stenciled pallet pumpkin and tiered tray

White stenciled pallet pumpkin

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