How to Use Picket Fence for Christmas Decor

Another neighborhood walk this morning that yielded trash I turned into a treasure. It all started with this pile of pickets from a fence I found on the side of the road. 
Found picket fence pieces for a front door Christmas Decoration
I hauled the pile of pickets home and before the day was over I turned 3 of them into my next DIY project. I began by removing all the nails then cut the pickets down 20" from the top pointy end.
Found picket fence pieces for a front door Holiday Decor

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I laid the cut boards side by side then using a piece of flat trim, I wood glued and nailed the boards together. Next, I used wood glue and the nail gun to attach two scrabble racks to the pickets. Did you even know you could buy Scrabble racks on Amazon? Well you can and I use them all the time in my projects! 

Picket fence pieces for a front door Holiday Decor

I painted the whole piece with a dry brush using white chalky paint. This chalky paint works well and is super inexpensive for small projects. A dry brush application is brushed on using a small amount of paint at a time giving the wood a rustic look with some of the wood showing through the paint. 

White Picket fence for a front door Holiday Decor

The next step was to locate the Scrabble letters from my large collection of Scrabble tiles to spell out Merry Christmas. For whatever reason, no matter how many Scrabble tiles I have, the H is always at the bottom of the jar. 
Repurposed Christmas Decoration with Pickets

I used wood glue to attach the Scrabble tiles to the racks. 
On either side of "Merry" I glued a bottle brush tree. I found a package of these cute trees in the dollar spot at Target but you can buy them on Amazon by visiting the green link. 
Repurposed Scrabble Christmas Decoration with Pickets

On the top of the center picket I nailed an antique nail to hang a wreath and on the back I attached a length of rebar wire for hanging. Rebar wire is good for so many crafts, it is easy to cut and bends with no problem!
Repurposed Scrabble Christmas Decoration

I hung a small boxwood wreath from the nail and it's just adorable! Boxwood wreaths are the prettiest and they come in all sizes and shapes. 
Repurposed Picket Fence Scrabble Christmas Decoration

This project was almost free, I used found fence pickets and items I had around the house. I love the way it looks against the vintage brick on the front of the house.
Repurposed Picket Fence Holiday Decoration

I always keep my eyes open when I'm out for a walk! You can visit the tags I made with metal circles I found while walking and the fancy mannequin I carried home one morning too by visiting these bold links. Exercise and junking all in one morning walk!
DIY Repurposed Picket Fence Holiday Decoration

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