Hanging American Flag Painted Canvas

This project started because I'm trying to use what I have and I had all the supplies needed at home right now. 
American flag hanging from a hanger

Several years ago I made a very popular project for my shop. 

It was an open sign made on drop cloth.

Canvas open sign hanging on a vintage hanger.

The post went wild on Pinterest and the open sign sold in my shop. 

I later saw it hanging on the door of a local shop.

Today I'm taking the same steps to create an American flag for the upcoming summer holidays.

Painting a drop cloth with off white paint

I began with a piece of painter's drop cloth cut to the width of an antique hanger. 

I painted it with an off white color I created using leftover paint samples

hung it up in front of a fan to dry thoroughly.

Hanging drop cloth to dry in front of a fan

I marked off an area for the field of stars and painted it Liberty Blue by Fusion Mineral Paint. 

Blue field painted on a canvas

When the blue dried I used painter's tape to create the stripes.

Painter's tape stripes on a canvas for red stripes

Then I used Fort York Red by Fusion Mineral Paint to paint the stripes.

Painted red stripes and blue field on painter's cloth

Next, it was time to stencil the stars. 

I bought a set of stars and stripes stencils at one time and I love them and use them all the time. 

They come in all sizes so they are perfect for many projects. 

Stencil for making stars on a blue field

A dry stencil brush was all I needed to pounce a small amount of paint on the stars. 

American flag painted on a painter's cloth

When the paint dried I used an electric sander to sand the edges of the canvas to give it a worn look. 

Then it was time to attach the top of the flag to an antique hanger using hot glue. 

I just folded the edge of the flag over the hanger and glued it closed. 

Painted stars on a blue background hanging from a vintage hanger

I just love it! 

Red white and blue vertical American flag on hanger

I'm hanging it out in my garden, to keep the bottom edges from curling in the weather I hot glued a stick to the bottom of the flag on the back. 

American Flag painted on painter's cloth in front of a black chippy shutter

After the initial investment of the stencil and paint, this flag cost me nothing to make!

Vertical American flag hanging on a vintage green screen door


I love the way it decorates my new victory garden. 

American flag hanging canvas pin

Painted drop cloth American flag on screen door

Stay tuned for more information on the victory garden coming soon!

Update: You can read all about the garden fence we built for our victory garden!

Garden gate with painted American flag hanging in the background

I made an easy potting bench this spring and I'm sharing the DIY with you!

Vintage hanger with DIY Vertical American flag on a green screen door

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