Can you Paint a Utility Slop Sink?

Can you paint an old dirty slop sink?
That was the question I had. My latest project was to completely clean and organize my work space and I'm beginning with the sink.

Dirty slop sink with a paintbrush in it.

This is where it started. I know, I know, a paint sink should be dirty, and usually it is. Since I was cleaning and reorganizing everything in my workshop I needed to know if the sink could be spruced up too. First I cleaned it. I scrubbed the sink with a scrubber and soap to remove all the grit. Cleaning it did a fairly good job but now my question was, "Can you paint a slop sink?". This sink is plastic or something like that so I thought why not? It was about 6 years old now and I had nothing to lose.
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I'm experimenting with an oops paint from Home Depot. It was a paint that included primer and while I wasn't too concerned with the color, I wanted something light so I'm using this very light grey color. If I didn't have a paint with a primer in it, I would use a primer first before I painted the sink.
First coat of light grey paint on the sink
The very first coat made it look amazing! I could have stopped there and been happy but I let the first coat dry then gave it another coat. I painted all around the edges and around the faucet. 
The faucet is going to be another story, it is a cheap plastic faucet with a lot of paint stains. 
After the second coat dried I sealed the sink with Polycrylic. It seemed to do the job!
Light grey painted basement slop sink
I couldn't even believe the difference myself. I was actually afraid to use the sink when I was finished... but I did. I waited 3 days before I even ran the water. After 3 days I cleaned a paint brush or two. 
I am happy to announce to you right now that yes, painting the slop sink worked! I am sure it is not going to stay like this for long but if it matters to you to start fresh with a clean sink, then this is the way to go.
Painted slop sink with dirty sink pic.
I can not even believe that this is the same sink! I'm so happy with the results and I hope it stays like this for a long time! 
Before and after of a painted slop sink
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