How to Make Vintage Tin Garden Mushrooms

This adorable garden project began in the workshop, but even before that it started many years ago in someone's kitchen. 
Vintage Tin Garden Mushrooms in the Garden

We have been staying home a lot lately and I've been looking for ways to decorate my garden with things I have at home. 

I searched the basement and came up with a whole bunch of vintage measuring cups and tins that once, years ago, were found in someone's kitchen. 

Pile of vintage tins and molds

Some of the tins had handles so I cut them off with a wire cutter. 

I painted the tins red with Fusion Mineral Paint in Fort York Red

I gave them two coats. 

Vintage tins painted red

When the red paint dried I painted white spots all over the tins with white chalky paint. 

Vintage tins red with white spots

The next step was to gather a bunch of driftwood sticks I've been hanging onto. 

Pile of driftwood for stems

I made a large puddle of hot glue in the bottom of each tin then held a driftwood stick in it until the glue started to cool. 

Driftwood stems hot glued inside of upside down tins

The hot glue hardened quickly then I turned the mushrooms over and gave them a coat of satin spray sealer

Finished red and white mushrooms in the garden

A little while later they were planted in my  garden. 

For more easy and inexpensive garden decorations please visit the bold link. 

Red Garden mushrooms planted in the mulch in the garden

These cute little mushrooms were so easy to make and the driftwood stems make them even better! 

I made similar mushrooms using champagne corks for house plants a while back, check them out by visiting the bold link. 

Pinterest pin for mushrooms

Two red and white garden mushrooms

Today I spent the day planting flowers and mulching my flower beds and these little mushrooms are a welcome addition. 

Repurposed Garden mushrooms in garden with birdhouse

The best part is that they were free to make from things I already had around the house. 

See the sunflowers I made for the garden using another vintage piece. 

Now I'm ready for my next project will be power washing the fence! 

Side of shed with garden and mushrooms planted

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