Make a Large Burlap Pumpkin for Fall

I'm reposting this story about the time I headed to a table of free items advertised on my my local Facebook page and noticed a large piece of aluminum duct work in the road.
duct work for a dryer

I did what anyone with an eye for junk projects did and I threw it in my car. 

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I couldn't wait to get home and create my latest decoration for fall! 

You are ready for fall aren't you? 

My favorite part of fall decor is making pumpkins out of anything I can find! 

I made something similar in the past but this was metal tube was larger than the dryer ductwork I've used for pumpkins in the past. 

A few years ago I created a smaller pumpkin using a piece of duct hose that was leftover from my dryer installation. 

You can also find the smaller kind very inexpensively at Home Depot and 8 feet of it will make several pumpkins. 

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This piece was not only longer than the traditional dryer hose but it was wider too. 

I think it was about 6"-8" wide.

The first thing I did was to stretch it out as far as it would go. 

The hose was expandable and it stretched across my basement for about 10 feet. 

For more information on my gold brick stenciled floor visit the bold link. 

Stenciling a cement floor is a great way to jazz it up or hide a bad paint job. 

Length of flexible aluminum duct on gold brick floor

When the tube was completely stretched, I cut the duct work in half. 

The aluminum hose was easy to cut with regular scissors.

2 pieces of ductwork on golden brick floor

I turned one of the pieces around in a circle and attached it together with aluminum flex tape that is specifically made for duct work. 

I just happened to have some but you could also use regular duct tape or masking tape to hold it together. 

The plan is to wrap this in burlap so the color of the tape won't matter. 

Ductwork in a circle to form a pumpkin.

I am using a chevron printed roll of burlap and hot glue. 

I glued one end of my burlap roll to the center of the circle then wrapped the burlap around the ductwork. 

Wrapping the ductwork with chevron burlap

I kept wrapping until I went all the way around the tube then hot glued the other end in the center. 

It's cute already!

And did I mention large!!

Ductwork completely wrapped in chevron printed burlap

Now I needed some kind of a pumpkin stem so I cut a 5" piece off of an old table leg that I had in my workshop. 

Cutting table leg piece off for stem

I mixed up a greenish "stem colored" paint from what I had in my supplies and gave it a quick coat. 

Green paint and painted stem piece

Next, it was time for the leaf. 

I cut a leaf shape out of burlap and painted it green, this gave the burlap some stiffness too.


Painting a burlap leaf shape

Green painted burlap leaf

I painted Mod Podge on a length of thick jute twine to give it structure and stiffness then tied it around the stem. 

I twisted the stiffened jute while it was still damp into a tendril shape. 

I attached the tendril to the pumpkin with hot glue in several places and let it dry completely. 

Lastly, I glued the edge of the leaf to the stem and used hot glue to attach it all to the center of the pumpkin. 

Chevron burlap pumpkin with leaf and stem

This very large pumpkin is light as a feather and looks perfect for Fall. 

Chevron burlap pumpkin on hearth

This adorable pumpkin can be made with any color or design of rolled burlap, this roll was about 4" wide, it comes in all sizes. 

Don't miss the cinnamon antiqued pumpkins I made recently for my mantel while you're here. 

mantel and large clock with chevron pumpkin on the wood burning stove.

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Chevron Burlap pumpkin for fall pin

For more repurposed pumpkin ideas check out this bold link.

I had so much fun making this easy project and there's another piece of ductwork leftover to make another pumpkin! 

Maybe wrap it with strips of flannel or fabric? 

I can't wait to try it again! 

What do you think? Leave me a comment below! 

Chevron burlap pumpkin on the table in front of the window


I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife, mother of 4 daughters, and a grandmother of 5 and counting. I am a retired teacher, a DIY blogger and an artist at heart. .


  1. This is a really cool project, and I have 3m of this stuff at home and had no idea what to do with it.

    1. I’m so glad I inspired you today Anita!! Thanks so much for visiting!

  2. What a fun way to create a unique pumpkin for Fall decorating, Susan! Thanks for the idea.

  3. Cute pumpkin! Clever recyle project too.

  4. I've seen pumpkins made with this before but using ribbon like you did makes it so simple. Maybe I will be inspired to make one.

    1. Oh I hope i did inspire you! It’s easy to do and looks great for the fall 😊


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