Beaded Wreath with Painted Banner

This project was just fun!  I saw a similar wreath at Hobby Lobby and while it probably cost me more to make it than to buy it with a coupon, I love a good challenge.

so blessed beaded banner wreath with greens

I began with a beaded wreath from Hobby Lobby and yes, I used the 40% off coupon that is going away soon! 

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They sell two sizes, this is the smaller of the two. 

round beaded wreath

The first thing I did was to wrap jute twine back and forth across the wreath a few times to act as a base for my sign. 

beaded wreath with jute twine wrapped back and forth across the wreath

Next, I cut 2 strips of cardboard the width of my string base.

I glued them together using hot glue, one to the front of the strings and the other to the back. 

             cardboard wrapped around jute

beaded wreath with cardboard

Using drop cloth fabric, I cut a strip the length and width I wanted for my banner and trimmed the edges cutting out a triangle from each end of the fabric. 

Now came the paint. 

fusion mineral paint in white on banner strip

You can use almost any kind of paint, I use Fusion Mineral Paint for most of my projects so I'm using what I have. 

I gave the banner a few coats of the white paint and let it dry between the coats. 

I would stay away from chalk paint with no plastic in it because I think regular paint will help firm up the banner and make it feel like canvas. 

This is the technique I used in the open sign I made a few years ago. 

When the banner was completely dry, it was time for the lettering. 

so blessed printable

I chose the words so blessed because I truly feel that we are! ❤️

You can make your wreath say whatever you want it to or make it seasonal!

I printed out what I wanted the banner to say on the computer, then scribbled pencil on the back of the paper to transfer the letters. 

transfer method using a pencil

Using a pen, I traced the letters on the paper and they transferred to the banner. 

strip of canvas with so blessed in pencil

Now, using a sharpie paint pen, I traced over my letters. 

so blessed painted with sharpie pen on canvas

You can also use a permanent vinyl cut for the lettering if you don't like the hand sketched look. 

I use the Cricut Joy for all my vinyl cutting and I love this small machine that does so much!

I glued the finished banner onto the cardboard with hot glue and added a sprig of greenery to the wreath. 

I found this sprig in the Target dollar spot. 

so blessed canvas glued to wreath

greens added to wreath

The finished wreath was even cuter than the one in the store that used only an embroidery hoop. 

Hanging beaded wreath

The beads are the perfect touch! 

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wreath hanging from pegs with overlay

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so blessed wreath hanging on a window

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Author: Homeroad
Estimated cost: $10

Beaded Wreath with Painted Banner

Beaded wreath with a banner you can customize.


  • painter's drop cloth fabric
  • beaded wreath or wire and beads to make one
  • greenery
  • craft paint
  • stencil or paint pen
  • hot glue
  • cardboard
  • jute twine


  • glue gun


Paint the Banner
  1. Cut a strip of painter's drop cloth the length of the banner you want for your wreath. 
  2. Paint the drop cloth with craft paint, you will need several coats of paint. 
  3. Let the paint dry between coats. 
  4. When the cloth feels thick like canvas it is ready for a stencil or transfer design.
Make a Base for the Banner
  1. Using about 5' of jute twine, wrap it back and forth in the center of the beaded wreath. 
  2. With hot glue, attach cardboard strips to the front and back of the jute twine creating a base for the banner. 
Transfer Design
  1. Print out the words or phrase you want for your banner.
  2. Scribble with pencil or dark pastels on the back of the word. 
  3. Lay the word onto the painted banner and trace over the word with a pencil. 
  4. The design will transfer lightly onto the painted banner. 
  5. Use paint or a paint pen to paint your design.
Finish the Wreath
  1. Use hot glue to attach the painted banner to the cardboard strips.
  2. Add greenery. 
  3. Add a loop of jute twine to the top of the wreath to hang. 
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