Rustic Wooden Hanging Four Leaf Clover

In case you blinked, it's March this week!  I dragged my Blade Runner saw out of the basement and onto the workbench for this fun project.  It's been years since I used it and now that I'm finished, I don't know why I waited so long!

Wooden shamrock with LUCKY letters on the mantel

I love cutting wood with this saw

It's so satisfying to cut shapes or straight cuts, whatever I want. 

Today I'm making a 4 leaf clover for St. Patrick's Day. 

Did you know that a shamrock has 3 leaves and it's a clover if it has 4? 

How did I not know that after all these years? 

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It is one of those projects that takes on a life of its own as I'm creating. 

First, as I said, I used saw to cut a 4 leaf clover from a piece of 1" pine. 

Raw wood shamrock shape

The saw I have is not a big one, it sits on the table and you just cut out a shape. 

Next, I painted the clover with white chalky paint then used an electric sander to distress

white painted wooden shamrock

I coated the clover with a quick coat of dark wax to give it an antiqued look. 

rustic and distressed wooden shamrock

Now is where this took on a mind of its own... what comes next? 

What should I add? 

A stencil? A transfer? I searched through my stash and found cardboard letters similar to these. 

Yes, it was LUCKY that almost every letter I needed was green, all except one which I colored with a permanent marker to match the other letters when I was all finished. 

Lucky letters on the shamrock

I hot glued the letters onto the clover. 

Next came the bow, I gathered several pieces of ribbon and wired them together in the center. 

I attached a blank Scrabble letter, a piece of greenery,  and two 3D gold stickers for the number 17. (as in March 17th)

Bow and the number 17 on the bow

Lastly, I attached a piece of rebar wire through a drilled hole in the clover to hang it. 

You can also get rebar wire at Home Depot.

rebar wire loop for hanging

hanging shamrock decoration

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I celebrate and decorate with St. Patrick's Day projects every year at Homeroad and I'm not even Irish! 

tiered tray with St. Patrick's Day decorations

St. Patrick's Day Beaded garland to decorate a tiered tray.

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shamrock with a bow on the mantel

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4 leaf clover with overlay

lucky shamrock on the mantel


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