Green Enamelware DIY Butter Dish

This is my very favorite kind of project! The one that uses something vintage you turn into something fabulous! 

green enamelware container with a lid

This began with a slight disagreement between my oldest daughter and myself. 

I collect enamelware, vintage or otherwise and I love the look.

I was showing my daughter one of my favorite pieces, a small rectangular container with green trim and a lid.  

I told her I thought it was a medical container. 

Maybe from a dentist or doctor's office or hospital.

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She said it wasn't a medical container, it was a butter dish. 

What? A butter dish? How could you think this was a butter dish? 

Could it be? All this time I thought it was a container with a lid and I was holding it upside down?

My daughter said, just flip it over and add a knob or handle to the top (bottom) and add butter! 

This is the same daughter that renovated her whole apartment kitchen, and makes beautiful paintings, and now has a homesteading blog. 

Could it be she was right? 

After all... what do I really know? 

But I loved the idea of a butter dish! 

About 10 minutes went by before I tried it.

Visit the bottom of this post for printable directions for this easy project!

enamelware container upside down with a handle

I searched my stash of knobs and handles to find one that would be the perfect fit. 

I have so many knobs, handles and cabinet doors from a store that closed a while back

enamelware container with a green handle

I attached the handle with E6000 to the top of the now, butter dish and painted it green with craft paint. 

I gave it a spritz of spray sealer when the paint was dry...

Green enamelware butter dish

and I am in love with my new butter dish! 

green handled butter dish from enamelware container

How did I not see that? 

It is the perfect butter dish! 

And just in case you think we are a couple of geniuses .... keep reading! 

butter dish with green handle at the table

So what do you think? Container or butter dish? 

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Pinterest pin with overlay of enamelware butter dish

And then.... 

Two days later I was at  Hobby Lobby and saw this... 😳

Hobby Lobby butter dish just like mine

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enamelware container turned butter dish with butter

Yield: 1
Author: Homeroad
Estimated cost: $5

Vintage Enamelware Butter Dish

Turn a vintage enamelware refrigerator container into an adorable butter dish
prep time: 20 Mperform time: 20 Mtotal time: 40 M


  • enamelware dish with lid
  • E6000 craft glue
  • Chalky Paint like Fusion Mineral Paint
  • spray sealer


  • No tools needed for this easy project. 


  1. Find a hardware drawer pull you like and paint it with a chalky paint like Fusion Mineral Paint that will stick to metal. 
  2. When the paint dries, use E6000 craft glue to attach the handle to the bottom (now top) of the container. 
  3. Let dry then spray with a glossy or satin spray sealer for protection.
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