DIY Dot Chenille Flower Vase

I recently bought a beautiful new comforter set that I absolutely love. The look of vintage dot chenille is gorgeous, cozy and in this color, neutral too! 

chenille dot creamy ivory bed set

The bedspread is available at Macy's and comes in several colors.

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This bedspread is similar and I love this one too! 

I watched a video a few days after I bought my new bed set showing how to make a hobnail dot vase and it gave me a great idea! 

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I wanted to make something similar to the hobnail look, hopefully the look of vintage dot chenille for my bedroom. 

I began with an inexpensive glass vase and a package of flat sided gems.

glass vase and package of green and clear bead gems

You can get them from the dollar store or from my affiliate link above.

This month I was lucky enough to have received flowers for not only our anniversary but for Valentine's Day too! 

The vase I'm going to use for this project is being recycled from my flowers! 

I'm using only the smaller clear gems from the package I purchased, the green ones are for another day.

glass bead gems and green gems in a jar

I used hot glue to attach the glass gems to the vase. 

Hot gluing clear gems to a flower vase

I went around the vase attaching all the gems in rows.

glass gems on clear vase

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When I was finished, I painted the whole vase with a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint Ultra Grip. 

Ultra Grip helps the paint stick to glass without having to use chalky paint. 

Ultra grip painted on vase with glass beads

I painted over the Ultra Grip with a coat of white house paint I already had in my workshop. 

Here is where it looked like vintage hobnail milk glass.

white painted hobnail looking vase

When the white paint dried, I mixed up a textured paint recipe and pounced it onto the gems. 

textured paint on glass dots

The textured paint gave the gems the look of puffy little pom-poms. 

chenille dot look from textured paint

Next, I mixed a color close to the creamy ivory on my bedspread and painted around the gems. 

My bed set is all ivory but I use white accents in the room so I'm going with a mixture of both colors for this project.

ivory paint around the pom poms

At this point, when all is dry, you could give the vase a coat of matte sealer.

I wouldn't use a sealer with a shine because the look we're after is the look of vintage chenille. 

I'm filling the vase with my favorite faux flowers and they look amazing in the new vase! 

The repurposed decorative hutch window on the wall can be seen in this post. 

tulips in a chenille dot textured vase

The new vase looks perfect with the new bed set! 

Matching chenille vase next to chenille bed set

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chenille flower vase on side table next to bed with chenille dot comforter


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