Dollar Store Frame Up-Cycles

I love the dollar store! Not for junky things but for the great things that can easily be turned into something fabulous!

painted white dollar store frame

Recently I did a post up-cycling a dollar store frame making it into a coffee sign.

It was so fun that I went back to get more!

I shopped at Dollar Tree to be exact.

If you are having trouble finding this sign at your Dollar Tree, I wrote a DIY for this frame. 

While I was there I not only saw the same frames I bought the first time but several others as well. 

Please understand that not all Dollar Tree stores have the same items. 

Just look around with an open mind and look for what you can create from what is there.

First, I found this frame...

corrugated metal with a clip in a frame

I know, it is cute as it already is but I'm going to give it a makeover.

First, I took apart the frame.

frame and corrugated metal taken apart

I painted the wooden frame then put it back together.

Next, I printed out words I wanted my sign to say and mounted them on little squares of scrapbook paper.

printed sign on scrapbook paper

This sign was simple, I just clipped the printed sign to the clip on the corrugated metal. 

Painted galvanized frame on a pedestal

Make several paper signs while you're at it so you can change it out in a minute!

The next sign I found at the Dollar Tree was this one...

Dollar store tree with label

I know! Cute already!

But here is what I did...

buffalo checked background on coffee sign frame

These $1 frames can be up-cycled in any pattern, for any occasion, or with any saying.

It's only up to your imagination.

The same frame I used in my last post got painted white this time. 

I removed the metal label with a screwdriver, painted the box, then put the label back on.

label and painted wooden sign

White painted dollar store sign with label

Sign with BE MINE sign in label

Or leave it unpainted and add a wooden look scrapbook paper for a rustic inspiration sign. 

Dollar store sign with label on a pedestal

I made all these signs for $1 each!

The pedestal also came from the Dollar Tree, they're great to hold a candle too! 

xoxo sign for valentines day on corrugated metal sign

Before you go please visit more of my Dollar Store projects. 

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