St. Patrick's Day Beaded Garland and a Tiered Tray

How is it that it is already almost March?! Maybe because I retired from teaching last summer, or because of the circumstances in our world right now,  but I've never had a year go faster.  So seeing that it's time to change out my holiday decor, I'll start with a beaded garland. 

green and white beaded garland

I am not going to reinvent the shamrock for this project. 

Seeing how it is time to start decorating for the next season, I'm making a beaded garland for my tiered tray.

There are many different ideas for a St. Patrick's Day beaded garland on Pinterest. 

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So I began with a bigggg bag of beads. 

bag of beads and beads on a pipecleaner

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If you're using beads on your projects, you're going to want to buy them in bulk like I do because otherwise it gets costly! 

I put 7 beads on one pipe cleaner to paint white and then another 7 to paint green. 

green painted beads on a pipecleaner

I'm using a light green color rather than a bright green for the beads. 

green and white painted beads

When the beads dried, I strung them onto a length of jute, alternating the colors. 

green and white painted beads on jute

On one end of the jute I tied a knot with a loop for hanging. 

On the other end I used a green glittered shamrock with an eye screw in each end. 

Green glittered shamrock on end of jute

Some of the glitter came off my dollar store shamrocks but I used a green glitter glue to patch the spots. 

You can also use the glitter glue to decorate a wooden shamrock.

I attached the shamrock to the beaded string through one of the eye screws. 

On the other end I created a tassel from ribbon to hang from the shamrock. 

glittered shamrock and a tassel

The tassel can be made from ribbon, jute, or even a store bought tassel. 

I tied a buffalo checked bow to the top of the garland then added it to my St. Patrick's Day tiered tray.

Green and white beaded garland with a shamrock and tassel

I changed out several of the signs I used in my Valentine's Day tiered tray into St. Patrick's themed signs by using old book pages and shamrock stickers. 

tiered tray filled with St. Patrick's Day decor

Most of the St. Patrick's Day decorations in this tray came from Dollar Tree including the shamrock lights. 

The truck on the top came from Marshalls. 

All easy and inexpensive ideas including the Leprechaun gnome I made from a sock filled with rice. 

Sock gnome and st. Patrick's day decor in a tiered tray

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tiered tray filled with St. Patrick's Day items

Yield: 1
Author: Homeroad
Estimated cost: $5

St. Patrick's Day Beaded Garland

Easy beaded garland for St. Patrick's Day


  • jute twine
  • wooden beads
  • shamrock
  • ribbon
  • paint


  • glue gun


  1. String the beads onto a pipe cleaner to paint in green and white. 
  2. String the painted beads onto a length of jute twine alternating the colors. 
  3. Make a loop for hanging at the top of the jute twine. 
  4. At the bottom of the length of beads add a wooden or styrofoam shamrock.
  5. Using eye screws attach a tassel to the bottom of the shamrock.
  6. Add a bow to the top of the beaded garland. 
  7. Add to a tiered tray!
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