Folded Book Christmas Card Display

The Christmas cards will start rolling in at any time! Are you ready for them? Where do you keep them?  Do you display your Christmas cards? 

Folded Book and metal frame

One of my favorite holiday projects is this one. 

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I'm using a vintage children's book to create a great place to hold Holiday cards.

This is also a great way to recycle old books that have been discarded from the library. 

Folded Book with Christmas cards

There never seems to be enough space to hang Christmas cards in my house.

I've seen tons of great ideas on the internet but they all take up a lot of room.


This one has enough spaces in it to hold plenty of Christmas cards and it can sit on the coffee table so everyone can enjoy the cards.

Folded Book with frame

I started this project with a piece of stained wood.

I glued the folded book to the wood then added metal trim detail from another project to the sides. 

Here's another way you can decorate your folded book display. 

I also use one to organize coupons and small notes. 

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folded books and overlay pin

Folding the book pages is a great mindless project to do while watching TV at night.

Here are a few more recycled book ideas for you! 

Folded Book with overlay

Christmas card holder that doesn't take up a lot of room, looks beautiful, and is easy access for everyone to see the cards.

Here are more recycled folded book ideas I made a while back.

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Pin folded book with overlay

This would make a great hostess gift! 

They were a super hot seller at all my craft fairs!

Sorry but I'm keeping this one... it is beginning to fill up with beautiful cards from friends on my own coffee table!


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