Stick Wrapped Candle Holder and Table Runner

 Every once in a while at the thrift store, something catches my eye and I can't wait to run home and create with it... that was today! 

roll of sticks and a glass vase

See that awesome roll of sticks?!

I wasn't sure exactly what it was, I thought it might be a roll of placemats. 

Whatever it was it was going home with me! 

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When I got home the first thing I did was to unroll the sticks. 

twig table runner

I found out it was a super long table runner! 

I love it! 

I found one similar on Overstock, I got a bargain! 

But I was truthfully hoping to use the sticks. 

So I did, I rolled out the runner to fit on my table. 

rustic stick table runner

I cut it to the length I wanted and tied off the ends. 

twigs tied at the end

I was left with a gorgeous table runner and a pile of sticks! 

pile of twigs

So I got to work. 

My plan was to cover the outside of this glass vase with sticks like I did for this driftwood vase. 

pile of sticks and a glass vase

I decided however to try this... 

I cut a length of lace ribbon to fit around the vase. 

lace around glass vase

I cut all of my sticks in half and glued them with hot glue to the lace ribbon. 

sticks glued to lace ribbon

sticks on lace

Now I just had to wrap the lace ribbon with the sticks around the vase! 

stick wrapped vase

I used a piece of drop cloth ribbon to wrap around the outside of the sticks to doubly secure them. 

stick wrapped glass vase with bow

candle holder with sticks

I dropped in a battery powered votive candle and I had the cutest stick wrapped candle holder to match my new table runner! 

It could also work as a beautiful flower vase! 

stick wrapped candle and tree on table

It was a win-win!! 

top down view of candle in candle holder

Oh and the extra sticks?

They look great right here next to my favorite Christmas gift! 

sign and vase filled with sticks

pin button
stick candle holder and overlay

twig candle holder pin

I love it when this happens! 

kitchen table with stick runner, tree and candle vase

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candle holder with sticks and a bow


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