Wooden Dishes with Old Tile Designs

 Here's a fun project using thrift store finds that is easy to do and looks amazing when you're finished. 

I recently received some great tile transfers to try and while trying to figure out what to create with them, I ran across some thrifted dishes! 

Wooden dishes from the thrift store! I have a whole bunch, I buy them whenever I run across these flat wooden dishes. 

See what I did... 

tile transfers on wooden dishes with flowers

I began with the wooden dishes I mentioned. I have rectangular, bowls and round plates of all shapes and sizes. 

wooden dishes

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casa tiles by redesign

Today I'm using a product called Casa Tiles Decor Transfers by redesign. I got them from a great site called Piglet's Closet. I looked through the sheets of tile transfers and chose a few I wanted to use today. You can search the search bar at Piglet's closet for this and other great products. 

tile transfers

First up were these pretty blue tiles. I cut out three of the tiles and fitted them to the wooden dish I was using. 

tile with overlay in wooden bowl

I laid down the transfer and just rubbed with the wooden stick they provide until the transfer got lighter, that's how you know it is adhering to the dish. 

rubbing on transfer tile with wooden stick

Next, I transferred the other 2 tiles in the same way. You'll notice the chippy spaces in the tile transfer that make it look like old and worn tiles. 

three tiles on rectangular wooden dish

Well! I was pretty happy with the results so it was on to my next dish. 

round tile cut out

This time I'm using a round wooden dish. I chose a tile that had a round design in the center and I cut out the circle. 

rubbing round design on round wooden dish

Using the same rubbing technique I transferred the round tile design to the center of my wooden plate then peeled up the backing film. 

peeling film off transferred design

Now on to the last dish I'm using today, a riser I made from a candle top not too long ago. It sure could use a pretty blue tile design in the center. 

tile with sanded edges on riser

When I transferred this tile I used a small emery board to carefully sand the edges of the transfer. I wanted the tile to look imbedded in this rough wood. 

tile transfer on wooden riser

When all three dishes were finished I gave them a coat or 2 of Fusion Tough Coat. I wanted the dishes to have a slight shine to them while protecting the transfer from damage. 

transfer designs on wooden dishes with sealer


Wooden trays with tiles

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transfer design on wooden dish with overlay pin

I think they turned out great! I love the chippy old look of these tile transfers. They are similar to wooden dishes with a tiled look I've seen in the stores, only mine were less expensive! 

tiered tray with tile and brush


Tiled transfer designs

I hope you like the project today! You really want to give these transfers a try. They are inexpensive and come with 3 full sheets of designs in the package. 

planters with tray with transfer

I can't wait to use them again on another DIY project! 

tiled tray with glasses

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flowers in a vase on a riser with transfer

The Casa Tile Transfers were sent to me by Piglet's Closet. All opinions are my own! 


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