Stenciled Twine Spools

Now this is a cute project! For all you string and twine holder lovers like me out there. 

I just love a DIY string holder. I think the texture of all the different strings and twines is gorgeous! 

Today I'm making spools out of a lucky thrift store find. 

Take a look...

wooden spools with twine and stencils in basket

While visiting one of my favorite thrift stores recently I checked the wall of bags filled with random stuff. 

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Sometimes you can get very lucky in this department... like today. 

wooden circles

I found a bag of wooden circles. Oddly enough I was recently thinking about wooden circles. I wanted to make twine spools but I couldn't figure out what I wanted to use for the circles. To be sure I could cut my own but truthfully my circles never really come out very round.

Imagine my surprise when I found a whole bag of the perfect circles! These may have been coasters. Now I can do the project I had in mind. 

drilling hole in circle

The first thing I needed to do was to pair off the circles and drill a hole down the center of each one. You can make an X across the circle and drill at the intersection to find the middle. 

row of wooden circles with holes in center

Once my holes were drilled in 3 sets of circles, I looked for a dowel for the center. I had several ideas but ended up using a leftover piece of a plunger stick from the dollar store.

wooden plunger handle and wooden circles

I measured the length of the dowel then divided it in 3. I didn't mind the screw end of one of them because it won't matter in the end.

wooden circles, wooden plunger handle and measuring tape


I cut my dowel using a vintage vice and a miter saw

wooden miter box

I used my miter box for a project at one time so I really need to buy a new one. 

vintage vice and miter saw cutting dowel

Once I had 3 pieces I began assembling the three spools.

wooden circle with cut dowel and wood glue

I screwed a wood screw through the circle and into the dowel. I used wood glue to make it extra secure. 

wooden spool with power screw driver

assembled spool

I did the same to all three spools. 

3 bare wooden spools

Once the spools were made I used my favorite paint on, wipe off stain. Rustoleum Transformations Decorative Glaze is the perfect color and contains no poly so it is a matte finish.

3 stained spools

Once the glaze dried I used the Old Sign Stencils shipping crate stamps to quickly give part of a stencil to the top of each spool. 

stencil and grey paint

I used a dark grey paint that I mixed myself. 

stenciled crate stencil on spool tops


3 wooden spools with stencils on top

The last step is to put tiny felt feet on the bottom of the spool. The felt feet keep the spool from wobbling because there is a screw in the center. It is a quick fix. 

felt feet on bottom of spool

The only thing left to do now was to add the string. I'm using thick jute, thin jute and white cotton macrame cording. I tied the end to the center dowel and began wrapping...

rope, twine and thick twine

and wrapping, until I filled my spool. 

cotton twine wrapping around stenciled wooden spool

I am so thrilled with the way these cuties turned out. 

top view of wooden spools with stencils


3 wooden spools with stencils and twine

This project was really very easy. There was very little cutting and just a little drilling and gluing. And don't forget to check the wall of bags next time you're at the thrift store! You never know what you may find! 

3 twine holders

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wooden spools with overlay

I bet you could use wooden drink coasters for the spool tops and bottoms. What else can you think of to use for this? 

wooden spools with oil painting of thread spool

Read more about the amazing artist that created the painting in the background. She also happens to be my oldest daughter. 

wooden spools with twine

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wooden spool tops with overlay



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