Repurposed American Flag

I love making American flags and through the years on Homeroad I've made a ton of them! 

I found a great set of star stencils that takes the work out of making the stars on the flags I make. 

Today I'm repurposing something pretty weird to make an adorable wooden American flag.

Take a look...

American flag on peg rack

The wooden slats from the broken roller shade that I've made a whole bunch of project with are perfect for the flag I'm making today. 

wooden roller shade

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I pulled out 9 strips of the wooden slats from the roller shade and cut them in half with a wire cutter but sharp scissors work too. Each strip of wood was 16" long.

wooden slats laid out in flag shape

I laid out the wooden strips to plan my attack on this flag.

wooden slats laid out in rectangle

I laid out 3 horizontal strips of wood and hot glued  13 stripes beginning at the bottom and leaving a little space between each one. 

wooden slat rectangle

When the wooden stripes were finished I began painting them with red and white craft paint

painting white stripes

painted red stripes

When the red and white stripes dried I glued down shorter strips of the slats in the opposite direction for the field of stars. 

wooden slats for blue field

I painted the field blue and let it dry. 

blue painted field

Next, I used the star stencil from this great set of stars and stripes stencils I bought on Amazon. These star stencils sure save a lot of time when making American flags! 

star stencil

blue field with white stars

Lastly, I used a pair of sharp scissors to trim the edges of the flag then gently sanded the edges with  fine grit sandpaper.  

wood slat American flag

sanded edges on American flag

I hung the flag with a piece of jute and it looks great! 

American flag from wood slats

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wooden American flag and overlay

Who would know this used to be a window roller shade?!

American flag hanging from hooks


office sign and American flag on hooks

You can visit the DIY canvas office sign here

hooks with American flag


American flag from slats of wood

I just love how the flag looks on my window hanging with all the garlands and banners I've made recently!

flag hanging in window with banners and garlands


Check them out here: 

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American flag on pegs


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