Rustic Patchwork Pin Cushion

Here is a fun project I literally made in half an hour using scraps of fabric I had laying around. 

A pin cushion that is so cute you're going to want to leave it out for everyone to see! 

All found and repurposed materials for this one, come take a look...

pin cushion and a wooden crate

I began this project with an idea and a very small thrifted wooden bowl. If you don't have a wooden bowl you can use a ceramic cup or small crock. 

dryer ball, wooden bowl and fabric

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sewing jar and scraps of fabric

I gathered my supplies to make a pin cushion:

  • a small wooden bowl or ceramic cup
  • a dryer ball
  • scrap fabric
  • needle and thread (or embroidery thread)
  • hot glue

hand stitching black and white and burlap fabrics

The fabrics I used were drop cloth, an old tea towel and burlap. I began by folding over one edge of my fabric and hand stitched the fabrics together on an angle. 

I used contrasting thread for my stitches but if you have embroidery thread, which I've been meaning to buy, the stitches will show up even better. 

fabrics stitched with contrasting thread

I did the same thing with my third piece of scrap fabric, I stitched it on top of the other two pieces on an angle. 

stitched fabric backs trimmed

Once my fabric was stitched together I flipped the fabric over and trimmed off the excess overlapping fabric.

dryer ball in center of fabric

I'm using a dryer ball for this part but you could certainly use stuffing. The dryer ball was very easy to use and perfect for a pin cushion. 

I gathered the fabric around the dryer ball and cut off the excess fabric. 

hand gathered fabric around dryer ball

Next, I used hot glue to glue the fabric edges down. I went around the top layering the fabric and gluing it to the dryer ball. 

glued fabric around dryer ball

When I was finished I hot glued the inside of the wooden bowl then dropped the covered dryer ball into the bowl, glued fabric side down. 

fabric ball in wooden bowl

That was it! 

pin cushion with pins and a clothespin

My pin cushion was ready to use! I stuck in a few hat pins and safety pins. 

I also added a tiny stained clothespin for decoration

overhead circle pin cushion

Pretty enough to put on a shelf! 

shelf with number, pincushion and house with wreath


burlap patchwork pin cushion with pins

This pin cushion is cute enough to display anywhere!  You could even use it on your dresser to hold brooches it's so cute! 

pin cushion with pins

Please pin for later >> 

pin cushion with overlay pin

If you like pin cushions take a look at the one I made a while back using vintage tart molds.

                     vintage tart with sweater fabric pin cushion


patchwork pin cushion with pins

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pin cushion in wooden bowl with pins



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