Vintage Farm Stand Sign

The minute I saw this fun old sign I knew I had to give it a try. 

This sign looks like something you'd see at a farm stand on the side of the road and I love the look! 

Grab a few pieces of scrap wood and a computer print out and follow along. 

Take a look...

farm stand sign and potting bench

I began with a length of trim moulding that was leftover from a frame project. 

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scrap wood trim moulding

I cut the moulding into 4 pieces that were approximately the same length, about 10-12" long. I painted them an off white color called Plaster by Waverly then sanded the edges.

boards with off white paint

I used a computer program called Pic Monkey. I use this program all the time for my photo editing and to make printables for my tutoring gig. 

pic monkey program with plant signs

I picked a blank page and a font that was similar to the sign I saw and wrote out my words: plants, herbs, flowers, and soil. You are welcome to slide this printable off and use it yourself!

plant signs in reverse

Next, I printed the page in reverse on my Epson Ecotank printer. To say that this printer saves me a ton of money on ink is an understatement. When I purchased it about 3 years ago it came with a years worth of ink. I bought more ink once since then and I use it all the time. I highly recommend this printer!

cut printed farm stand words

I cut out the words, trimmed the paper and used Mod Podge to coat my boards. I laid my reversed printed papers ink side down into the Mod Podge and let it dry overnight. 

mod podge and scrap wood with reversed letters

In the morning I wet the boards and rubbed the paper until all that was left was the word on the wood. You need to do this gently or you will rub off the letters. As you can see there are a few places the letters are damaged but I think that adds to the vintage vibe. If you wanted to you could use a Sharpie marker to fix the damage. I have to add that I find this process works best on a painted surface, especially a paint that is not too chalky.

rubbing off paper and leaving word


The next step was to spray the boards with a spray sealer to protect them from the weather.

boards with transferred garden words


I then laid out my boards the way I wanted to hang them and drilled holes so they could be connected. 

boards with words and holes drilled

I used thin rusty wire leftover from another project to connect each board. 

rusty wire connecting sign boards

signs with wire connecting the boards

At the top I made a hanger of rebar wire to hang the sign. 

rebar wire plant sign hanger

Please pin for later >> 

garden sign with overlay pin

I don't have a roadside stand so I'm hanging the sign on the potting bench I made a few years back

four piece garden sign with wire connectors

I moved the potting bench this year along the fence in our yard and I love the way it looks from the house. I also use it all the time! 

potting bench with garden sign on fence


vintage sign for the garden

I hope you'll give this easy technique a try and create a fun vintage looking sign for your garden. 

potting bench with plants and a hanging garden sign

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plant sign in farm stand style


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